Perfect laptop computers for college students

4 May

The idea of having your computer broken or stolen while traveling is a frightening one. Now that I own my own internet company, I have to be online every single day. My tasks include having to write, perform research, forum participation; the checklist of things I have to do is never ending. With that said, having a netbook while traveling makes it a lot easier. Because of this, the idea of having it stolen while I am here is extremely scary. I would not be able to maintain my web sites until I could either buy a new computer or at least find an Internet cafe. Further, I would have to depend on low quality cyber cafes and keyboards. If that happened, it would double the level of work I already have to do everyday. To make it even worse, the rates they charge can be high; in most cases one dollar per hour. Given I spend a few hours online everyday, I would be spending a few dollars per day that was not incorporated into my spending plans. Because of this some say that the best lap tops under 500 are in my opinion best lap tops for college students and travelers.

During my travels overseas not too long ago, some girls I knew had their camera, cash and iPod stolen by a random traveler. The first thing I saw upon walking into our dormitory was that someone had a music player charging in the wall, although everyone in the dorm was asleep. In some cases this would not be a big deal, but in a 10 person dorm where you don’t know the other people, it is not a smart idea. Given I work while I travel, I am super careful with my laptop. My websites are too important to me to risk having my computer stolen while overseas. If I do not maintain my search engine rankings on a daily basis, they will drop and I will lose money, which means all my prior work was for nothing. With that said, I am also smart enough to use a locker, and make sure to secure everything the hotel will not lock up for me. Sadly those chicks that got robbed did not know any better, but I will bet that they learned their lesson after what happened.